Sample IT Crossword 001
by Mohan Chunkath


1Audio output device (7)
5Copy data (4)
8Group of computers on a network (6)
9Part of a tree structure (6)
10Describes a compression standard like PNG (8)
12Most microprocessors are manufactured using this technology (4)
13Compound computer instruction (9)
17Network junction (4)
18Communication standard (8)
20Describing a type of mathematical relationship (6)
21Famous Houston-based PC manufacturer (6)
23Embed an object in another (4)
24Uses data from another application (7)


2Language for developing an expert system (6)
3Language endorsed by US Defense Department (3)
4Computer which picks random numbers (5)
5Streaming live video technology (9)
6Read or write (6)
7Successor of GW-BASIC language (6)
11High-level language instruction (9)
14Information system output (6)
15Transportable communication device (6)
16Impurity added to a semiconductor (6)
19British logician (5)
22MUD relative (3)


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