Sample IT Crossword 002
by Mohan Chunkath


7Device that controls another (6)
8OS component that copies a program into main memory (6)
9Taiwanese computer company (4)
10Component of surge protection devices (8)
11Specific locations in an HTML document (7)
13Communication device (5)
15A set of storage locations (5)
17R & D department in many computer companies (7)
20Describing a font like Arial (8)
21Pieces of information (4)
22Popular game from Russia (6)
23Desktop relative (6)


1Audible signal (6)
2Type of network topology (4)
3Programs that control devices (7)
4Excessive luminance from a VDU (5)
5Access requirement (8)
6Located separately from the main processor (6)
12Ordering algorithm (4,4)
14Type of computer stationery (7)
16Input device (6)
18Menu choice (6)
19Computer failure (5)
21Computerese for replicate (4)


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