Digit IT Crossword 001
by Mover


Common URL destination (7)
Square box which slides within a scroll bar (5)
Occurring while a program is executing (7)
Standard code for representing English characters (5)
10 Ignorant sales personnel in an electronic superstore (5)
11 One of the first value-added, packet switching networks (7)
12 An international long distance carrier and network services provider formed in 1987 (6)
14 Software used to create a text document (6)
17 In typography, a large first letter that drops below the first line (4,3)
19 Process of gaining access to a computer system (5)
22 Web magazine (5)
23 Energy-saving personal computer (5,2)
24 Computer jargon for a large quantity anything named after the creator of the 'Cosmos' TV series (5)
25 Another name for Usenet (7)


Leading 22 Across and print magazine (5)
Visual interface builder for Java from Marimba (5)
High-speed backbone network for Internet2 and other research projects (7)
Pops out a floppy disk (6)
Sift through large volumes of data (5)
Store and forward network consisting of all the world's networked unix machines (7)
Special-purpose chip to perform bit-mapped graphic operations (7)
12 Screen structures provided in a graphical interface (7)
13 Iterating a program segment (7)
15 Comic strip popular among hackers (7)
16 Software that generates programs from a problem description (6)
18 Describing a room where chips are manufactured (5)
20 Pioneering online information service (5)
21 Screen names (5)


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