General Science Crossword 001


7Commonest ore of lead (6)
8Not arranged in regions (6)
9Another name for lady's fingers (4)
10Type of computer using varying electrical currents or voltages (8)
11Bilaterally symmetrical (7)
13Pertaining to the nose (5)
15An influence that causes a body to change its momentum (5)
17Plant of the hollyhock genus (7)
20Material for capturing neutrons (8)
21Type of tropical citrus tree (4)
23Frozen carbon dioxide (3,3)
24Plant producing a violet-blue dye (6)


1Cabinet into which components are mounted (4)
2Gingili oil is obtained from the seeds of this plant (6)
3Beetle belonging to the ground- beetle family (7)
4Large, brightly-coloured tropical American parrot (5)
5Desert shrub cultivated for its seeds which yield an oil used in cosmetics (6)
6Satisfy all the valencies (8)
12Type of eucalyptus tree with reddish-brown bark (8)
14Lustrous, brightly coloured bands in coal (7)
16Pertaining to bile (6)
18General name for a chloride or bromide etc (6)
19Genus of true firs (5)
22Prefixing signifying 10 to the 6th power (4)