General Science Crossword 002


1Organic compound containing a double bond and a hydroxyl group (4)
3Backward pressure of gases in a boiler (4-4)
9Growing or living close to the ground; with cotyledons above ground (7)
10An organic compound containing two double bonds between carbon atoms (5)
11A rotary motor in which a drum with curved vanes is driven by reaction or impact or both by a fluid (7)
12Any segment of a gene which consists of codons (4)
14Short-horned grasshopper which is an agricultural pest in its gregarious phase (6)
16A solid figure bounded by a surface of which all points are equidistant from the centre (6)
19Hymenopteran insect related to the bees and ants (4)
21Describing the reduced distance of a planet from the sun (7)
24Allotropic form of oxygen (5)
25Nitrogenous base associated with thymine in DNA (7)
26Wild olive (8)
27A set of type characters (4)


1Crustacean visual organ (8)
2Any willow tree used in basket- making (5)
4Program to create a load module ready to run on a computer (6)
5Piece of metal, thick at one end and sloping to a thin edge at the other, used for splitting or fixing tightly (5)
6Ketone used as an organic solvent and in organic synthesis (7)
7The joint between the thigh and shin bones (4)
8Mathematical sequences (6)
13Computer-based information retrieval system which allows text and graphics to be transmitted to a conventional TV (8)
15Stem modification with the appearance and functions of a leaf (7)
17Unit for measuring stellar distances (6)
18Hydrocarbon in the methane series with eight carbon atoms (6)
20Machine for punching solid articles from soft metal (5)
22NH2 group in organic compounds (5)
23Prefix denoting one or single (4)