Business Line Crossword 001
by Mover


9Daily (3,4)
10Seaman (7)
11Spectacular Falls on the border of US and Canada (7)
13Produce quickly or cursorily (4,3)
14Capacity to grow and develop normally (9)
15More crafty (5)
16Bargains or haggles (7)
19Defence department scandal in India (7)
22A milky exudate from certain plants that coagulates on exposure to air (5)
24A government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government (9)
26Drug not sold under a proprietary name (7)
27Having no tendency to leak even under heavy use conditions (3-4)
30Offers to provide a particular service (7)
31Stores fodder (7)


1Convert into thread (4)
2Indian Insurance regulatory body (4)
3imbue life or enliven (8)
4Business magnate, Dhirubhai's family name (6)
5Transparent purple variety of quartz used as a gemstone (8)
6Unstable situation (6)
7Living without friends or companions (8)
8In a perfunctory manner (3,5)
12Apex Indian Industrial finance corporation (5)
16Entrust or commit a task to a subordinate (8)
17One of two or more persons holding title to the same property (8)
18Display window (8)
20The pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle (8)
21Handloom product (5)
23Lydian king of great wealth (6)
25Type of advertisement placed on a website (6)
28Repose faith in or depend on (4)
29Elegant and fashionable (4)