Business Line Crossword 002
by Mover


9Kind of annuity scheme (7)
10Sale by inviting bids (7)
11A person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land (7)
12A small shop which repairs shoes (7)
13Affording safe harbour (9)
15Weeds (5)
16Treasury figures (7)
19Market speculators (7)
20Contract for letting a house or farm, for example (5)
21Augments (9)
25Temporary holding of land or property (7)
26Money collected under a tariff (7)
28A time unit used in industry for measuring work (3,4)
29Promote to a higher position (7)


1Depots (6)
2Orifice through which air or water is taken in (6)
3An edict or decree (4)
4Holder of a cheque (6)
5Doomed to extinction (6-2)
6Words signifying consent to the terms of an offer thereby creating a contract (10)
7Pay out (8)
8Commits into the care of someone (8)
14An organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer (5,5)
16For the standard number of hours (4-4)
17Not circulating or flowing (8)
18Workplace where a ship is built or repaired (8)
22Recurring series of changes (6)
23Advertising catch-phrase (6)
24Group of related components that interact to perform a task (6)
27Storage building (4)