Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Hello Everyone
I think our zoo friends are too busy making other friends. Mohan was right- the silence is deafening. I appeal to Mohan to keep the activity going even if it is the two us. Sujaya just sent me mail saying that she sighted KNS and VKgupta woul dbe visiting her in Oregon. Some more likely zoo friends. Somebody please let me know if there is anything exciting happening in their lives I am dying of boredom

Friday, December 15, 2000

Dear Gopal, Thanks for your post. Looks like we are the only two persons presently posting to the page. Have you heard from Sujaya in the recent past? What news from Shrikant?

Friday, December 08, 2000

Hi everyone (I guess it means only Mohan)
I have got some reprieve from my teaching so I visted our page and indeed it is silent. Mohan your posting of 7th made me both happy and sad. Happy for Anuttama who I have not seen yet, and sad for Bina who I think I saw last when she was Anuttama's age. I dont think you told me about her cancer when we met. It is hard to believe that she has cancer. When was she diagnosed with it?
Shrikant is in Hyderabad today and we may meet each other tommorow. On Tuesday I am heading to the Desert resort of Mandwa in Rajasthan where we would be having the annual meeting of a select group of biologists from all over India. Would write more about it when I return on the 18th.
Mohan I was sure you would know Nabakov better than I did, would you be interested in reading the book about him or the review of the books?
Also let me know if you have already seen or read Upamanyu Chats "Mammaries" ( a word I think I learned from you, like many other smilarly interesting ones).
My server has some problems in "p&p.. ing" my blogs due to some syntax error in the settings but I would try again,otherwise I would just "p" it.

Talk to you all soon


Thursday, December 07, 2000

What's up with you guys? Don't you commune with the internet on a daily basis? The silence is deafening. Where is everybody? Anuttama is 15 years old today. Poor tyke is having her chemistry exam. B'day celebrations will have to wait till exams are over. How time flies. Bina, my sister is back from Apollo after a check cystoscopy for bladder cancer after undergoing radiation therapy. No recurrence this time. That means a reprieve for the next six months.

Monday, December 04, 2000

Thanks, Gopal. Please hit post and publish and see if that works. Otherwise there is a lag till I get around to publishing the post. Yep, Nabokov was a Lepidopterologist of some repute before he became a novelist. Please try the Blog This! Java applet as it really make the process of posting to the page fluid and effortless.

Saturday, December 02, 2000

Hello Friends (sepcially Mohan),
Sorry for being quiet after my first posting. I have a heavy teaching load in this week and the next (excuse,excuse) and the students are demanding. However while preparing for the lectures on cell-cell interactions I discovered that Valdimir Nabokov was an entomologist after all !!! (I think Mohan would not be surprised). He had published 22 research papers before the Lolita Bug got him. His insectian interests (manily in butterflies) have been written about in two books which were reviewed in the journal Science. If my pocket money permits I am planning to get one of them and that would possibly tell why entomologists leave insects and do other (interesting) things.
The other interesting bit could be from Upamanyu Chatterji who has just published his sequel to the English August.
Life is hectic and cruel on my time so I stop here ( and wait for your replies). By the way, Rajiv Mehra informed me that KK has been told to cool off in the NE for some time
Please read the BlogThis entry in the How To section of the Blogger page. Once set up this java applet will enable you to quickly post to the ZooFriends page without having to go through the process of logging into the blogger page. Please check it out as this will make posting to this page as easy as falling off a log.
Dipak, did you try posting anything to this page? Have you got Archana's email address?
Where is everybody? Please try to post a few lines so that I am sure that you are all able to post to the ZooFriends page. I think I have sorted out the bugs and all the team members should be able to post and publish. Sujaya, if you see this please send me Anita's and Vijay's email address.

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