Sunday Scrabble® Crossword 005
by Mover


9Musical direction to play relatively softly (5)
10A Catalan dance in a ring formation (7)
11Tiny dumplings (7)
13One who strengthens another by moral or religious instruction (7)
14Expanded or slightly spreading (8)
15The art of painting on dry plaster (5)
16First in rank or degree (7)
19Music with a syncopated melody (7)
22Wall hanging or tapestry (5)
24The bridge of a stringed instrument (8)
26Having the form of a tube (7)
27Warbled or sang in a quavering voice (7)
30A musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text (7)
31Proceed without interruption in music (5)


1Musical work (4)
2Traditional Hindu musical form or mode (4)
3Long-necked, fretted lute of modern Greece (8)
4Popular music of southern Louisiana (6)
5Somebody who spreads false charges (8)
6Revolves (6)
7Group of street musicians in Mexico (8)
8High balletic leap (8)
12Someone who plays the bagpipe (5)
16A customary way of operation or behaviour (8)
17Dressing up (8)
18An instrumental composition (8)
20Direction to play smoothly or elegantly (8)
21SI unit of length (5)
23Assemblages of trees growing in particular regions (6)
25The principal dish of a meal (6)
28Private area in a theatre or grandstand (4)
29Two performers or singers who perform together (4)


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