Friday, August 31, 2001


I'm back - had a fabulous time at Yellowstone; the geysers are awesome. We returned via the Glacier National Park in Montana and I fell in love with the state- the freeways were very scenic and there were relatively few travelers. The drive was long - we covered over 2250 miles during the trip but except for the last day when I drove over 12 hours, the driving was not stressful. Gopal's reminder about watching the gas gauge worked and I was cautious throughout which was a new experience for me. It would have been nice to have shared the driving and the decision making but things worked out fine. At a pizza joint, I ordered a beer and my mother was not too pleased. I mentioned that when any of my brothers-in-law had a drink she raised no objection She asked me if it would help me get a good night's sleep and I said yes so she accepted my drinking it!! She even tasted it.

I'm on a sightseeing roll since my parents are leaving soon and this is my chance to see the sights. We have a long weekend and will be traveling to Victoria and Vancouver. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get the grant done and teaching is round the corner and needs my attention. Also craneflies have started to emerge and there is little information about the various species so there is whole world of discovery waiting to be tapped. Some immatures have been in my lab. since May - they did not feed nor die. Last week a couple pupated and I have the first adult.

Bingo will have to wait...

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Like I suspected it has swallowed my 6-Bingo game. Here is a link to the completed game. Hope it works fine.
Dear Sujaya and Gopal
Not too sure what is happening with Blogger. It is not showing up all the messages in the editor but the ZooFriends page seems to be showing the new posts. Let me know if you are experiencing any difficulties. Where you able to access the 6 bingo game? My earlier post was mangled so I decided to put in a link.
Been very busy with boring government work. Our Budget Demand is coming up on Monday.Gopal, please post news of Paris and Sujaya let us have another instalment of your motoring adventures!


Thursday, August 16, 2001

This web talking is great - makes me feel like we are all in the same place. Paris appears to have a great influence on Gopal - he is in his true element. My immediate reaction was a couple of wise crack responses to why cells with cholesterol do not move but I will keep them to myself. What did radha talk about? Nothing in particular - activities of his kids, life in Bombay..just everyday stuff.

Thanks for the reminder Gopal..I have a feeling that I am going to forget something major ( I tend to do that a lot, usually no one else knows about it!). The drive to Yellowstone is rather a long one to be doing with a single driver but I like driving and we have tons of stops along the way so hepefully I will NOT have any stories to recount when I return.

Gopal please keep talking about your papers and grants so that I get motivated and keep on track. I am in the process of writing a toally different kind of grant for NSF to get trainee grants for graduate students that will provide science education in schools in return fort the stir stipends. We are targeting the rural schools around Corvallis that have few resources for science. The idea is to have the grads ( and undergrad.) sset up experiments in the shcool and thereby provide training in scientic inquiry and experimentation. Seems like a great idea but I am way over my head with this.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Wow! the page is ablaze with news.
Well I am now in Paris trying to figure out why cells do not move when they have more cholesterol in them.
I would try to follow Mohan's advise and try to 'rope in/work on/tackle' Shrikant but he- as we all know -very unpredicteable. He is apprently now in Almora after getting sick of Gujtrat earthquake politics. I am not surprised that Archana does not check email- remember Radha also used his secretary to check his email and I know many such folks in CCMB.
Sujaya let us know what Radha talked about on the phone and do remember to get enough gas you drive down (and back) to Yellow Stone and have a good time there.
Mohan why is beri-beri not a berry?

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

The membership drive sounds like a great idea. I'll give Archna a try, maybe the Delhi atmosphere will motivate her. She does not even use email so what do you think my chances are going to be?

My mom's foot is fine. Both parents are enjoying Corvallis - they take turns watering the garden so the plants are still alive. We plan to visit Yellowstone National Park; I'll be driving so that should be quite a trip.

I got a call from Radha out of the blue early one morning. It was great chatting with him. No news in particular.

I guess no one has any contact with Dipak recently. I hear from Vijay's family occasionally.

Saturday, August 04, 2001

Let us have a renewed membership drive to get a few more active members for the ZooFriends page. Sujaya why don't you make one more try to rope in Archna? I will work on Radha and Gopal can tackle Shrikant. Six of us should be able to keep the page going.
I am waiting with bated breath to get my copy of Word Freak which I had mentioned earlier. Will give you my own review about the book.
Great to have you back on the ZooFriends page. Glad you liked the 'berry' long list. When are you going to set up a small microbrewery? Most of the berries make very exciting and colourful wines. Bring out the zymurgist in you!
Please convey my regards to your dad and mom. How is your mom's foot injury. I hope she is fully recovered.

Thursday, August 02, 2001


Thanks for the berry interesting scrabble list of berries. How about a berry from Oregonon: loganberry - is it on the list? We aslo have marionberries and boysenberries here besides blackberries that overhang my back fence, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Oregon is berryland!


Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Hi folks,

I received a letter from Archna – she is back in Delhi. I guess she did not ‘toe the line’ in Goa. If you happen to go to Delhi, there is one more person to contact. I assume you contact Dipak and the others when you travel to the capital.

My parents are in Corvallis. I plan to use their visit to check out Oregonian and neighboring sights. It takes me some getting used to when they come and stay with me, since I typically go and come as I please. I do worry that I am getting to be too independent and uncontrolled! A couple of weeks back, I was in a rental car taking the scenic route to eastern Oregon to set up an experiment and ended up late at night on a windy road through small towns with no gas stations and next to no gas in the tank. It does not help when I tell myself that I totally deserved the panic state that I was in!. An elderly man who had not yet called it a night at 10.30 pm in a tiny town was sitting by his store and what a god send he was. In Oregon we are not permitted to fill gas by ourselves.

The grass seed fields are being harvested - I have been up in a swathing machine and a combine. Impressive machines. The newer combines have ac, radio, GPS, sensors for tracking moisture and yield – fancy toys.

More later….I’ll try to be more regular.

Cheers, Sujaya

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