Tuesday, January 14, 2003


My father just had a mild stroke late last week. He was rushed to the hospital and the clot was arrested in time. The only part affected was his right hand. He has been walking around in the hospital. My mother is at my cousin's place. We were all very worried last week but he appears to be making good progress.

I will be 'interviewing' in two departments on campus in the next few weeks.


Friday, January 03, 2003

Lovely to see Zoofriends back in action. Am going to keep this post short and sweet just to check whether the Blog This! applet is working. Longer post follows if this one works fine.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

hi sujaya, mohan and all other zoo friends, glad t see u back in action sujaya. life at my co has also been like a roller coaster ride .had a good december ending with profit of 670 million rurees after a loss 110 million in june, i hope this year is as profitable as last year. i had an interview 4 gm vacancy in december which i missed by a whisker stood 4th in 12, only 3 got in , however would have had to move to mangalore ,hence would have been a pyrric victory any way(a case of sour grapes). the bond markets have been good because of falling interest rates in us, eu, and india too . 2003 is year of the goat, a sign of peace and harmony .hope the war clouds in iraq blow over .
Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! The long silence was due to teaching last fall which took over my life. My parents were with me for 6 weeks but I was not able to spend too much time with them. They are back in India. Life at Oregon State University has been very rocky - the latest is that the entomology dept. has been dissolved and we have to find new 'homes' on campus. Thanks to my million $ grant I have some 'value' and should find a new home relatively easily in Botany or Crop & Soil Science. But I would rather be in an entomology dept. It is a sad situation for entomologists and lots of people across the country are mad. Budget cuts was the reason given.

I look forward to a more stable 2003. Apart from the university, life in OR has been great. I have made a lot of friends; in particular I have been hanging out with a retired entomologist Bill and the companionship has made life more interesting and fun.

Radha, thanks for keeing Blogger alive. I am feeling very guilty and am motivated to not remain so silent. Mohan, good luck at the Scrabble championships this year - knock 'em dead!!!



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