Monday, August 05, 2002

Dear Radha and Suji,
Am feeling very foolish. My ZooFriends page for some strange reason continues not to show the new posts. I went directly to blogger site and all the posts are there. The last post which I had viewed was the May 28th posting by Suji. I had missed your long post and all of Radha's short posts.

The job as commissioner Disabled is quite interesting with lots of opportunities to do worthwhile work which directly helps people. I have lots to learn but I am enjoying it.

The Pune National Scrabble Tournament was not very good for me. I have lost the title and how. Akshay Bhandarkar is number one and number two is Ranganathan. I finished a poor 5th. This is partly because of the game format. I was in second place going to the last game of the tournament but since I lost the crucial game with Akshay got pushed to the fifth position. Time to hit the books again. Ranganathan's game has improved tremendously and the next Nationals to determine the Indian team promises to be a great tournament.
Now that I have discovered that going to Blogger directly is working I will be posting more regularly.

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