Monday, October 15, 2001

Hello folks,

I hope the Sept 11th events have not affected the International Scrabble Championship. What is the latest, Mohan?

The wedding in Hyd is tentatively scheduled for March 7th or 10th. A reunion after that will probably be better so I can be free of all the emotions that are doubtless going to be part of the wedding. The reunion could be joint birthday celebration for Mohan and Radha and any other birthdays around that time. Anyone know Shrikant’s or Dipak’s birth dates?

Friday, October 05, 2001

Posted at 2:20 pm by Radhakrishan[Mumbai] on 5.10.2001

Hi Folks,
It is indeed nice to note that there will be another reunion in Feb 2002 at Mumbai. Gopal Pandey is back in Hyderabad . His mother is ailing. I got this message from Rajeev Mehra today. I tried to talk to Gopal Pandey over phone.No luck, he had gone for lunch.
Glad to hear that you are enjoying teaching Entomology Sujaya.
Mohan, how is the new boss ? Prepare well for the World scrabble Championship. I am sure you can win the world championship.

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Guess what folks - I went fishing this weekend with a couple of colleagues. Why? - Oh I'm just curious as to why people find fishing fun. Fly fishing is interesting to me for obvious reasons. We did not catch a single thing but the weather was great and we were in a scenic spot. I expect I will go again.

Teaching is getting to be more enjoyable. The students are having more fun than I expected. They loved the field trips; they seem to be paying a fair amount of attention to the lectures too since they catch all my errors!!

I pretty much appointed myself chair of a brand new committee in the dept. - the Social Committee. Tomorrow is the entomology dept. fall picnic and of course the forecast says that we will have no rain on Friday or Sunday but showers on Saturday!. The students are organizing ‘Pin the ovipositor on the wasp’ and an insect piñata filled with candy and plastic bugs that we get to break thereby getting rid of pent up stress.

Archna’s number is: 6429610. Please use your charm Mohan in trying to get her and Dipak to join the proposed reunion next year

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