Monday, November 05, 2001


Hope all is well with you all. It is getting lonely out here. Mohan, what are plans for the International Scrabble Competition in Las Vegas? I will be in San Diego for the Entomological Meeting till Dec. 12th. I am waiting to hear from you to make further plans but time is running out.

My niece’s wedding date changed again – it will be on Feb 17th. I can probably stay 10 days beyond that. What’s everyone else’s schedule around that time?

Last week we did a ‘bug show and tell’ on campus. We had over 2000 school kids and over 500 ‘public’ members. This time we cooked bugs so the local TV station came by and several of us are now TV stars! They took back some cooked bugs and one of the news anchors actually ate them during the broadcast. He thought they were ‘disgusting’ but actually they were rather nice. We cooked silk worm pupae, mealworms and grasshoppers.


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