Saturday, September 29, 2001

Just got back from Madurai and Tirunelveli after attending university syndicate meetings there. Was pleasantly surprised to see 2 messages.

Congratulation! Radha. Wonderful to hear from you. The February shindig seems a great idea. The new CM is Mr. Panneerselvam who is merely keeping the seat warm till the Courts exonerate Ms. Jayalalithaa.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Who is the new Chief Minister in Tamilnadu? Radha, Mumbai sounds like a good idea - Mohan and Gopal, can you make it?

I am back to teaching and am enjoying it though it leaves me little time for anything else. It also brings back memories of my Zoo days. I think we had so much more fun than the students here do. Our collecting trip here is a visit to the University farm, a 10 min drive. Compare that with the trip to Shillong - that was what got me hooked to entomology. I'm trying to make it fun - it is an IPM course and 80 % of the students are in there becuase it is a required course since they are Horticulture or Crop Science majors. I even have a beaver in the class - a football player that needs to be excused whenever he has a game out of town! I took in live hissing roaches and a millipede into class yesterday and I am surprised a few students did not leave right away! I guess not everyone loves bugs the way I do!

I don't have Archna's phone number here - I'll bring it in tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Hi Folks,
Mohan has a new CM. 'J' Bomb defused by Supreme Court is the hoarding at Churchgate Station - Good Luck with the new boss!

Glad to know that Sujaya will be back in India in Feb. The last meeting was too short. Make the reunion at Mumbai this time. I will play host.

No news from Gopal - what's up!

Posted on 26.09.2001 at Mumbai
at 12:45 PM

Monday, September 24, 2001

Hiya Folks,
Just to say a quick hello. Momentous changes in Tamilnadu. We have got a new Chief Minister because of the Supreme Court verdict.
I also got Radha's report and he does look great.
What is Archana's contact numbers in Delhi?
The World Scrabble Championship is from 13th to 17th of December. I will keep you posted about my travel plans.
No news from Gopal. Have you heard from him?

Saturday, September 15, 2001

Hi folks,

Wow, more participation on our web page. Welcome Radha. I got your report and it looks great! I couldn't believe that the person in the pictures and I were in the same class (pun unintentional) years ago!! My parents recognized an-ex neighbor, a Mr. Pai.

As if the drive to Yellowstone was not enough, the following two weekends we drove to Seattle and Vancouver (and took the ferry to Victoria in British Columbia), and to Crater Lake. I thought I was done with long road trips for the year but no...due to the attack on America, my parents may not be able to fly to California so Sulu and I may each drive half way. Oh well..

We are all in shock over the horrible attacks. Can't imagine what people gained from it. Regular airline service has not resumed. New York will be a mess for a long time. It is ironic to me tha,t at one level, with advances in medical research, we can all live longer but then people end up killing each other.

I called Archna on the 12th, her birthday. I was not able to get her to join zoo friends - she said her computer was not working. She is back in Delhi, bored at work. Give her a call if you go to Delhi.

Guess what I may make a trip to India next Feb. Naren's niece is getting married in Hyderabad and the pressure is on me to attend. The wedding was originally scheduled for Dec. 10th and I would not have been able to make it to India then but my calendar is free in Feb. at the moment. So ready for another get together?

Which reminds me...Mohan what's the schedule for the International Scrabble Championship in Dec? If I am able to make it to Las Vegas, what would be a good time?

Monday, September 10, 2001

Hey guys! What is up? Radha's maiden posting and no response! Please post a quick note.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Radha was unable to post the message. So I am posting it for him.

---------------Radha's Message Follows ---------------

TUESDAY 4th September

Dear Sujaya, Mohan and Gopal.

I am feeling great. I have broken a technology barrier(with the help of my computer officer as usual). I promise to be regularly accessing the Zoo page henceforth. Mohan thank you for motivating me to use the Zoopage. It is interesting to note that Gopal is now in Paris.Cholesterols impact on cell movements interesting stuff.

Sujaya's adventures in USA are mind blowing. Imagine driving 2250 Kms along! Yellow Stone National Park! Pizza! Beer! Good sleep! with beer! Driving and drinking don't mix well so take care.

I have sent an annual report of my company to Mohan and Sujaya by post today. Gopal Pandey when are you back to India?. When you are back come through Mumbai.

Good Luck to you all - Cheers

R.K. Nair

P.S. Rajeev Mehra & Ramesh Jethani paid me a visit last fortnight.

Monday, September 03, 2001

Talked to Radha this morning and urged him to join up the ZooFriends page all over again. Hope it works out this time.
Dear Sujaya
Wonderful to have you back. Glad to learn that you had a lovely time at Yellowstone. You must check out Ansell Adams photographs of Yellowstone if you have not already done so. The distances you have being driving look incredible but I guess they are quite normal by US standards. Your beer drinking narrative was hilarious. What did your dad have to say about it?
Get hold of Word Freak. It really does give an insight into the minds of Scrabble nuts. Do let me have your reaction to the 6-bingo game.

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