Tuesday, May 28, 2002

hi folks, sujaya congrats your decision will prove beneficial.pandey paid a visit last week to mumbai .i am off to pune for the week end

Well, I made my decision to move to Ames, I made the announcement to my dept and now my colleagues are putting pressure on me to stay. Growers have also been making the calls. It feels good to be wanted but does not help me evaluate what is best for me.

This morning I was on my knees scrubbing the mold off my deck. Next I will be staining it. I actually enjoyed it but it flashed across my mind how this is not what I would have been doing if I was in India.

Mohan, I am looking for entomological trivia questions for Linnaean Games that I am organizing next month. Specific questions about insects or famous entomologists. Have any for me. Heard about the discovery of a new order?



Monday, May 06, 2002

Dear Sujaya and Radha,
Great hearing from you both. I am neck deep in work. I will hopefully have more time on my hands once the Legislative Session gets over (10th May). We are bringing forward several legislations in the current session, hence the workload.
Glad to learn that your Iowa visit went on well. Radha, please give more details about the Sabarimalai trip. Rest of the news later

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Dear Mohan and Radha,

I'm off to the field to set up trial but thought I should say hello first. We had another successful Bug Day on campus - over 2000 school children came by. My contribution, the maggot race, was a riot. It was featured in the campus newspaper report of the event; my student added an interesting touch - we had colored maggots this year. Image the scene - kids screaming for 'pinkie' to win.

I have not yet made a final decision; if I accept the offer, and looks like I will, I will move in September. I will then be a government employee again. It is interesting how I have gone back and forth between universities and federal ag agencies.

Radha, Iím sorry I missed your call. I usually get home after 6.30 PM my time which is 12 and a half hours behind yours since we sprang forward recently.

dear mohan and sujaya,
had been to sabari malai on 15 april ,visited coorg between 24-28 april ,orange county is a good resort,sujaya send yur horoscope extract by e-mail pronto. i will get u advise fast.this year has been good for my co because of falling int rates.bye

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